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4 obvious signs your roof needs a facelift


4 obvious signs your roof needs a facelift

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The roof of your home is almost always the most important part of your home! They keep our families comfortable and separated from the elements all year long. Never assume your roof is completely healthy. Look into it! Keep reading for more information about to how to spot these issues.


Are the shingles covered with moss/algae?

No need to panic, because this is purely cosmetic. Just because this doesn’t mean you need a new roof, we’re not encouraging you to take matters into your own hands. Power washers or scrub brushes won’t just take away the green stuff, it will also scrape away the granules. This will eat away the particles that help your shingles protect your home.


Are there missing shingles?

Still not a time to panic! Single shingles are not hard to replace if it’s just a few missing. However, if your home’s roof starts to look a bit too patchy, it may be time to consider a brand new roof. If not addressed this can hurt your curb appeal dramatically, and affect the value of your home.


Are some shingles are cracking?

Broken shingles are replaceable. However, if you’ve seen a good amount it’s probably a result of weather damage. Look closely at the roof, to see if they aren’t in one particular vantage point. If they’re scattered and there’s several, it’s time to seriously consider a new roof.


Can see sunlight from the attic?

If the sun is ever peeking into your home, where there isn’t a window…it’s a clear giveaway you have a problem! When light can shine through there isn’t anything stopping all the other elements you’re trying to prevent from getting in your home.


Hiring an experienced contractor will almost always be necessary for this situation. This isn’t quite the task you want to attack or get done yourself if you’re new to this. For a professional in your area reach out to an expert contractor with Derek Cook’s Roofing Specialist Inc. at 603-365-7156

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