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4 signs you need a new roof

Tons of homeowners all across America panic once they find a leak in their roof. Before you jump to conclusions about what you think it may be, know that there are multiple reasons this could have happened.

Now you’re probably wondering which factors could have lead to this issue to your dependable roof that’s kept your dry for 15+ years. We have the 4 major signs that your roof may need to replaced sooner than later.

Curling and buckling Shingles

When they become curled or they begin to buckle this a tell-tale sign you may need a full replacement. When examining the slopes of your home’s roof (areas subjected to direct sunlight) if you see them curling and starting to lose granules, it could mean the lifespan of your shingles may be nearing its end. If the roof is defective we suggest contacting a roofing contractor (licensed) to see if reimbursement is a possibility for you.

Roof age

If your roof is old enough to graduate high school then maybe it’s time to get it checked out? While the typical lifespan is 20 to 25 years, it’s great to stay proactive and know how much longer you have left. Many homeowners think putting a bandage on it or in this case another layer of shingles over old shingles. Roofs that are installed over another layer or a few layers older than 20 years are definitely the ones that need action immediately.

Missing Shingles 

This is always the easier of the signs to spot. This is a sign of roof failure that can become not just horrible from a functional standpoint but will also hurt the appearance of your home.

Daylight coming through the roof

If you find yourself walking on your roof (we do not encourage you to do so) and you feel a cushiony bounce while walking it usually means the underlying decking is weakened due to water damage.

Roof failure is something no one should ever take a gamble on. Keep your family safe and out of harm’s way by getting your roof checked out if you’ve noticed any of these issues, or if it’s older. In the event that you need a new roof, don’t settle! Have yours installed by a professional from Derek Cook Roofing. Call for an expert today at  (603) 365-7156.

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