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Damaged Siding

5 Kinds of Winter Siding Damage You Should Look Out For

Winter is a time for white beds of snow, holiday music, and the gathering of family and friends, preferably in a warm place. However, it is also a time where your home’s exterior components are most tested, especially your roof and your siding. Today we will be going over the latter, and discuss some of the most common and troublesome damages that occur.

Cracking and Breakage

If your home has vinyl siding installed, then you have a higher chance of being affected by this. Sudden changes in temperature and/or extreme temperatures can sometimes result in cracking or breakage of the siding panels. These pieces cannot be repaired, meaning that replacement is your only option. While that sounds like a costly nuisance, it’s a small price to pay to avoid the increased energy costs and inevitable moisture damage that come with them. Regularly keep an eye out on your home to make sure that your siding doesn’t have any cracks or warping.

Falling of Lamination

If your siding is made from wood, then it most likely has a layer of lamination on top to protect it. This layer of lamination can wear off if it is constantly hit with heavy snow, leaving the wood exposed to moisture and risking chances of rot. Rot is a particularly troublesome issue, as it not only allows in external weather, but it can spread and cause damage to your home’s structure, roof, and interior. Be sure to replace any affected siding right away.

Missing or Dislodged Siding

Probably one of the few things worse than damaged siding is missing siding, where your home’s delicate¬†internals are far more exposed than before. This can happen from extreme wind during winter storms, or from poor installation of the siding. Either way, you will want to deal with this even more swiftly than you normally would and have it replaced right away, or else suffer the consequence of moisture and heat loss to a higher degree than the previously mentioned damages.

Moisture Damage

All of the above damages can easily lead to moisture damage, but if you already have it without any of those issues occurring, then it can be more difficult to spot. This means that your home could be suffering from costly damages and you wouldn’t even know it! To prevent this, look for smaller signs like warping or peeling paint on the siding of your home.

Siding is vital for keeping out moisture and debris, keeping in heat, and keeping an overall pleasing aesthetic to your home. It is for those reasons that you regularly keep an eye on it, maintain it, and repair/replace it as soon as it is necessary. And while some issues are pretty apparent, there are a few that you will need more help identifying, as they can be pretty difficult to spot. In that case, we recommend you contact us for an inspection from one of our experienced contractors. You can reach us at (603) 365-7156,¬† or by filling out an online inquiry form. We’d love to work with you!

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