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Derek Cooks Roofing Specialists ImagesBeing a New Hampshire roofing company for many years we have developed a tried and true system to evaluate and bring your home back to safety. It is our experience that most homeowners will renovate the kitchen and baths before they even think about their roof. We know roofing is not the most glamorous home improvement project you can think about, but it is probably the most important one.This is understandable as it's not something that is in front of you everyday or that is going to make your home feel new again. As a Bedford roofing pro, we just want to give you some things to look out for when it comes to your roof.

First, a roof that does not have regular maintenance will cause your home to be unsafe. Your roof is only built to last about 20-30 years. While this is a long time it is definitely something to be mindful of. If you are fortunate enough to buy or live in a new home 20-30 years sounds good, but for those who buy older houses, this is something to watch out for. If the previous homeowner did not maintain their roof and the house is already 15 years older or more you could be buying a home that already has roof damage. That's something to think about!

Next. roof damage is not just a big hole in your roof that you didn't pay for, but anything that compromises the integrity of your roof can be looked at as roof damage. For instance, you might not think 1 missing shingle will cause any harm to your roof, but if it's not addressed properly water may penetrate other roofing layers and create mildew or mold OR even worse find a way into your house.

With that said you always want to be proactive when it comes to roof maintenance. We don't encourage anyone to get on their roof and do some work unless you are skilled and comfortable in that area. What you can do is be on the lookout for any missing shingles. They will usually fly off and land near your house somewhere. The next thing you can do is keep an eye on your energy bills. If you know the rate didn't change and you, for the most part, are using around the same each month but your bill is drastically higher, it could be because of your roof. Your heating system may be struggling to keep the house warm as the heat is constantly escaping from your roof causing a chain reaction of sorts.

We encourage all homeowners to at least schedule a roof inspection annually just to make sure your home is performing that way it should and to get a gauge on how your roof is aging. These are the things that will truly keep your roof lasting for those 20-30 years. Contact Derek Cooks Roofing Specialists and let us take care of you!

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