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Summer Home

3 Problems Your Home Will Encounter With Summer Weather

Summertime is known for nice weather, with outdoor activities and trips being far more common in order to take advantage of the enjoyable climate. However, this doesn’t come without its drawbacks, and similar to how bugs and heat affect you, the same applies to your home. Homeowners should have an understanding as to what they…

Contractor Roof Inspection

When Should You Get Your Roof Inspected?

Your roof is one of the top components of your home that deserves attention, due to the fact that it takes the biggest beating out of all of your home’s exterior. As a result, it is important to make sure that the roof is taken care of maintained, following basic rules such as keeping the…

Algae on Roof

3 Common Problems Roofs See During the Summer

Summertime is a widely anticipated season for New Englanders, as the normally cold, harsh weather gives way to warm temperatures and clear sunny skies. It is a chance for fun, outdoor activities like trips to the beach and outdoor BBQs. However, before you break out the suntan lotion, it is important to note that summertime…

Roof Shingle Repair

3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Certified Contractor

In an age where you can find a DIY tutorial online on almost anything, it is commonplace for many homeowners and renovators to try to eschew the cost of hiring help by doing everything themselves, and while this may come as a viable option towards smaller tasks like hanging up a TV or painting a…

Roof Inspection

5 Things You Should Look for When Cleaning Your Roof This Spring

Spring is here, and with it comes the arrival of warmer weather and greenery, as well as the disappearance of snow and debris. This presents a unique opportunity to clean your roof, and ensure that the rigors of the season before it did not go unnoticed. Winter is notorious for being the most damaging to…

Snow On Roof

What You Need to Know About Roof Replacements in the Winter

New Hampshire, and all of this portion of the country in general, is known for it’s cold, bitter winters, and we can’t say that that isn’t true. And while it is tough for us to commute to work in the coldest season of the year, your home takes the most of it, tasked with shielding…

Ice Dam

Ice Dams and What to Do About Them

Ice dams tend to be the bane of homeowners during the winter. A formation of ice frosted on the edge of the roof, they tend to cause extensive damage when left unchecked, posing both a hazard to you and costly damage to a homeowner. Therefore it is important to do whatever you can to prevent…

Damaged Siding

5 Kinds of Winter Siding Damage You Should Look Out For

Winter is a time for white beds of snow, holiday music, and the gathering of family and friends, preferably in a warm place. However, it is also a time where your home’s exterior components are most tested, especially your roof and your siding. Today we will be going over the latter, and discuss some of…

Leaking Roof

A Guide to Roof Leaks

A roof leak is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It means a faulty roof and damage to the delicate interiors of your home, both of which will come at a large cost to fix. To prevent this calamity, it pays to know a thing or two about leaks, and what are the causes, and consequences of…

Window Replacement

Why You Should Replace Your Windows

There are numerous falsehoods out there when it comes to replacing windows. False information tends to fuel the notion that windows are not very important, and that replacing them should not be a main priority, when the reality couldn’t be more different. We at Derek Cook construction know that windows are an integral part of your…

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