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Important Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor Prior to Hiring Them

It is essential that a roof is properly installed in order to avoid having to pay for future repairs. These six questions will help you to determine whether or not your contractor will be able to provide you with quality work. 1. What is the name and location of the company? It is essential to…


4 signs you need a new roof

Tons of homeowners all across America panic once they find a leak in their roof. Before you jump to conclusions about what you think it may be, know that there are multiple reasons this could have happened. Now you’re probably wondering which factors could have lead to this issue to your dependable roof that’s kept…

4 obvious signs your roof needs a facelift

  4 obvious signs your roof needs a facelift   The roof of your home is almost always the most important part of your home! They keep our families comfortable and separated from the elements all year long. Never assume your roof is completely healthy. Look into it! Keep reading for more information about to…


Typical Roofing issues

As a homeowner, making sure your roof is stable and in good condition is an important task that so many people tend to overlook. Despite being easy to forget because it is sort of out of sight and out of mind, it needs to be inspected. We are in no way encouraging people to get…

Do birds cause damage to your roof?

Have you ever looked up and seen a flock of birds congregating on the top of your roof? Do you ever question what they are doing? Are you weary of the damage to your roof they could endure? Are the birds actually a factor in¬†damaging your roof? Are there ways to prevent them from tearing…

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