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Do birds cause damage to your roof?

Have you ever looked up and seen a flock of birds congregating on the top of your roof? Do you ever question what they are doing? Are you weary of the damage to your roof they could endure? Are the birds actually a factor in damaging your roof? Are there ways to prevent them from tearing apart one of the most valuable parts of your home? We are going to dive into all of these topics for you!

Home Invaders

Birds normally make their nest in trees, but your roof can be a perfect substitute for a bird family. Your gutters are a normal spot for a nest formation, to minimize the chances of the feathery inhibitors you want to constantly clean out the gutters. If you don’t have the time for normal maintenance, you can save yourself by installing gutter guards.

Birds are creative and smart animals and if you were to block the gutters sometimes they can make a nest in your chimneys or attic. That’s right it’s not Santa stuck in your chimney, it’s a family of birds. To minimize the chances of a family of birds that don’t pay rent, you should clean out your chimney and attic at least once a month.


Birds don’t know how to use a toilet meaning, they have no problem using your house as a bathroom. On top of that, bird droppings are unsanitary and hazardous to your roof and family. The droppings contain a substantial amount of uric acid. Enough of this acid buildup can slowly deteriorate and break your shingles and seep into your roof if not cleaned up.

Leaving dropping on your roof can also invite other pests around your roof. The droppings contain bacteria that another pest may like to feed on. If you continue to neglect cleaning up the bacteria-filled droppings you can put your family’s health at risk as well as put your home at risk of a pest problem.

A quick solution is to clean your roof normally with cleaning products if you have a bird problem. If you can’t access your roof, another tip is to just use your hose to at least clean off the droppings a bit. You can hire a professional to ensure your safety. I hope these tips help you keep your roof and home safe!

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