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Ice Dam Removal

Ice DamAny homeowner that has gone through ice-dams can vouch that they are a nightmare to deal with. Apart from the hazardous icicles forming over the edge of your roof, ice-dams have a high chance of causing leakage in your roof, resulting in torn-off gutters, loose shingles, and backed-up water leaking into your house, bring along a whole slew of new problems along with it. That’s why when these happen, it pays to have Derek Cook Construction around to take care of them as soon as they are arrive!

How Ice Dams Form

Ice Dam Formation 1

Step 1:

Heat builds up in the attic and transfers to the surface of the roof, reaching all areas except at the edge.

Ice Dam Formation 2

Step 2:

Snow on the heated area melts and slides downwards towards the edge of the roof.

Ice Dam Formation 3

Step 3:

Along the cooler edge, the water freezes over once again and becomes ice. This ice prevents the water from running off, resulting in the water flowing back under the shingles and into the house.

Ice Dam Removal Services from Derek Cooks Roofing Specialists

From damaged insulation to mildew and mold, ice dams can be a costly thing to deal with if not removed immediately. Derek Cook Roofing is committed to making sure that those things never happen, and have the tools and training needed to remove such obstacles from your roof safely and swiftly. Our team is trained to be able to unblock any ice obstacles on your roof and gutter, without damaging the shingles as some other methods do. Contact us at 603-365-7156, or submit an inquiry form so we can help you right away!

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