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Important Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor Prior to Hiring Them

It is essential that a roof is properly installed in order to avoid having to pay for future repairs. These six questions will help you to determine whether or not your contractor will be able to provide you with quality work.

1. What is the name and location of the company?

It is essential to find out both the name and physical address of the roofing company you choose. If a roofing company uses a Post Office box and cannot provide a physical address, it is best to look elsewhere.

2. Are they insured?

Ask about workman’s compensation and liability insurance. Without these kinds of insurance, you may be liable for the costs of construction-related injuries or damages caused to your home.

3. Do they possess a roofing contractor license?

Many cities and states require roofing contractors to be licensed. If it is a requirement where you live, make sure that the contractor you use has a current license that is free of outstanding violations. You can check with your nearest licensing office to find out whether a license is required. It is critical to distinguish between a roofing contractor license and a business license, which does require any roofing qualifications.

4. Any homeowner references?

You can ask for references to get an idea of the quality of a roofer’s work. However, contractors may select only their best houses and homeowners are often reluctant to divulge their personal information. Alternatively, you can ask the contractor for previous addresses so that you can view their work yourself.

5. Do they offer a warranty?

When it comes to roofing there are generally two types of warranties that you’ll want to ask about. The manufacturer warranty covers the roofing materials while a separate roof warranty covers the work. The contractor you choose should be able to tell you what is specified under each warranty and how long they are good for.

Although certain roof repairs may be unavoidable in the long-run, by asking these questions, you can save time and money by ensuring that the contractor you choose is properly qualified to install your roof. At Derek Cooks Roofing Specialists, our quality roofers will provide you with the information you need to feel confident that you are making the right choice for your home.

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