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North Hampton is one of the few areas in New Hampshire that has access to the state’s limited Atlantic sea coast. As a longtime vacation area for America’s wealthy, North Hampton is widely renowned for Little Boar’s Head, an old summer resort area that sports beautiful examples of Victorian and Edwardian style architecture. Still popular as a beach destination today, we over at Derek Cook have the pleasure of working on the historic homes that still exist today, housing the latest generation of successful Americans.

Roofing in North Hampton

Being of close proximity to the ocean affords North Hampton some great scenery, but also more rigorous weather challenges. Roofs in this area have to deal with increased wind, rain, temperature change and insect damage, along with risk of corrosion thanks to the salty and humid air. To combat this, we make sure to use materials of exceptional quality during our installations. An example of this would be GAF roofing, our asphalt shingle of choice. With it’s proven resilience to the unique climate challenges that coast properties provide, we feel confident in our decision to recommend it, so much to the point that we received GAF Master Elite roofers status for our professionalism and installation experience.

Siding in North Hampton

Siding is the other major factor in the protection of your home. Dealing with the same pressures as your roof, siding has the additional responsibility of being the face of your home, meaning that it not only has to shield your home externally from wind and rain, but it has to look good doing it too. Therefore, it deserves an equal amount of attention as your roof, if not more, as well as the same caliber of materials. Which is why we use CertainTeed for most of our jobs, as it has proven to be the best that vinyl can offer. Affordable and impervious to moisture damage, it is perfect for roughing out the strong winds that can plague coastal areas. Just like our favorite roofing shingles, we have CertainTeed Certified certification, a seal of approval from CertainTeed about our installation work and service.

If you’re in need of roof & siding installation, repair, or just an inspection call Derek Cook today. Contact us through our number at 603-565- 7156, or submit an inquiry form.

North Hampton NH Roofing & Siding Services
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North Hampton NH Customer reviews:
North Hampton NH - by ,Sept. 2, 2017
4.8/ 5stars
Derek and his crew did a great job! Couldn’t believe how quick too, took little over 12 hours from set up to clean up, all done very thoroughly. Even made sure to shield our patio from any damage while removing the old shingles. They also added some gutters and rain deflectors. Overall very efficient and quality work and the roof looks great.
North Hampton NH Roof - by ,April 21, 2017
5/ 5stars
We had a fantastic experience having our roof done by Derek Cook and his team of contractors. It was completed in two days and the yard and driveway were clean and clear of any building materials and debris when they finished. Great job!

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