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Skylight Installation and Replacement

Skylight Installation and Replacement

Few things are better at opening up a room than a skylight. Essentially a window on the ceiling, a skylight allows sunlight to filter into a room, instantly making it appear brighter and larger. It can be used to accent a certain area of the room, or it can be the focal point, and be the standout of the crowd.

Skylight in Home

There are a few different kinds of skylights:

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This window can be opened, allowing the outside in. Tilt windows are installed in conjunction with flashing kits to ensure waterproofing. This is a great option for lower ceilings that could benefit from not only sunlight but a little ventilation.

Titled Roof Skylight

Fixed Window

These do not provide exterior access, but still offers the openness and lighting effect of the tilt window. With no moving parts, there is also less maintenance involved. Perfect for high ceilings where you wanna cast light over a large area.


Escape Window

This window opens with a hinge on the side, allowing it to be “flipped open” like a door. This makes is suitable for it to be exited quickly, such as in the case of an emergency. It is best used for attics where you can peep outside and fully enjoy the nice weather.

Skylight Escape Window

Tubular Skylight

A lesser known but really unique option is a tubular skylight, which refracts light through a tube down to the room. It’s a great option for installing a skylight where a roof is too small or a room doesn’t have direct access to sunlight. You are also able to customize a tubular skylight to refract the light in a particular place or area. With it’s minimal required space and discreet design, it can be a great daytime alternative to energy-consuming lights. Just make sure that it’s installation doesn’t interfere with any other piping in your ceiling.

Tubular Skylight

Skylight Replacement and Repair

When it comes to a window in your roof you want it to be sealed tight and kept in good condition! If you see condensation, leaks or a significant amount of heat loss as a direct result of you skylight, then chances are you need to either have the sealing/flashing around it redone, or the window itself is compromised, and must be replaced. Don’t let the problem become worse! Call us to schedule an inspection now!

Make the most out of your nice days with a beautiful sunlight! Contact us to learn more about our skylight installations.

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