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Typical Roofing issues

As a homeowner, making sure your roof is stable and in good condition is an important task that so many people tend to overlook. Despite being easy to forget because it is sort of out of sight and out of mind, it needs to be inspected. We are in no way encouraging people to get on a ladder and go examine the roof of their home themselves. However, you should have this checked out because it’s never easy to spot a problem with your rooftop from the usual vantage point. Here a few issues you could be dealing with right now:

Maintenance needed – It’s ideal that you have your roofing inspected yearly, and that goes double if your area has recently been hit by a storm or natural disaster. Over time there are many things that can and may go wrong with your roof so it’s in the best interest of yourself and anyone else living under it, that it gets taken care of as soon as possible. Usual indicators that your roof has been neglected are mildew, sagging or large holes.

Bad Repairs – Very common, but absolutely the worst. Paying someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing is always terrible, but when it comes to something as serious as your roof it becomes a bigger issue. The only way to protect yourself from this is by hiring the right person, who has a great reputation. With so many contractors willing to get paid less or make promises they can’t keep (like deadlines or unrealistic budgets), you need to do your research to avoid them.

Roof Leaks – Your roof is like a cap for your house. The purpose of this cap is to keep everything within the house dry. As soon as the leak starts, you’re on the clock to do one thing, and that minimizes the damage. It’s already too late.

Bad Installation – To so many shady contractors you’re seen as just easy money. Much like the bad repairs pair of this post, you need to know who is installing it. A roof requires serious attention from people with experience. So know who’s putting this all together for you. Always know your budget and only hire people that have been used before in the past by trusted friends and family that they recommend.

These are never situations you want to be in so do it the right way! Hire a reputable contractor with great reviews from honest people. For a great experience visit Derek Cook’s Roofing Specialists Inc. today or call them at (603) 365-7156.

Don’t wait another day if you’ve been neglecting your roof. It’s what separates you from the elements!

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