New Hampshire, and all of this portion of the country in general, is known for it’s cold, bitter winters, and we can’t say that that isn’t true. And while it is tough for us to commute to work in the coldest season of the year, your home takes the most of it, tasked with shielding you and your loved ones from rain and wind while also keeping you warm. So what do you do when it’s the dead of winter and your roof needs replacing? Can it even be done?


The good news is that roof replacement is a year-round industry, meaning that even in the harshest, coldest climates roof repairs can be made. Some materials, such as shingles, respond better to warmer weather rather than colder, but pretty much any roofing product can be installed regardless of temperature.

The main concern is moisture. Both siding and roof shingles need a clean, dry environment in order for it to be installed, and that is harder to come by during the wintertime. Furthermore, wet surfaces can be a safety hazard, both for our installation crew and for you, the homeowner. Expect delays if frequent storms and rain occur during our installation period.


Let’s say that during a storm a tree branch fell and penetrated your roof, and you need repairs immediately. The problem is, the storm is still occurring. In such a scenario, what do you do?

In spite of the less than optimal conditions, we understand that this problem cannot wait, and will rush out to you immediately. We have temporary solutions that can be implemented at least until the storm goes away. It may not look the best, but it will keep your home secure until we are able to install a permanent solution.

What About Regular Jobs?

Oftentimes other issues like poor insulation, ice dams, and more reveal themselves to you during the winter, and can poise a major inconvenience during the winter. However, there is a perception that such work cannot be done during the winter time. This simply is not true! While some jobs may be harder to perform during the winter, it is usually a great time to have some work done, as there is less people lining up for it, allowing us more flexibility to get our work in! Don’t let the tough weather deter you from the exterior work you need. Don’t put up with high heating bills and worsening leaks for the rest of the winter!

If you think now is a good time to get some exterior work done, contact us or fill out an online inquiry form. We’ll brave through the tough winter to ensure your needs are met!