Even when the best roofing materials are installed on your home by expertly trained professionals, you need to perform some level of maintenance on your roof to make sure that it lasts. Whether your roof is made of asphalt, slate, metal, or rubber, it can eventually become vulnerable to the elements and break down over time. To keep your home’s roof lasting beyond expectations, it will take a bit of work, which no one wants to do, but it’s important! A new roof is an investment, and when you make a sizable one like that, it’s essential to take steps to preserve it. Protect your roof so that it can continue to protect you and your family!

Types of Maintenance

Leaking Roof Repair

One of the most common issues with roofs that homeowners encounter is roof leaks. Roof leaks are an issue that can escalate very quickly if left ignored. Leaking water can lead to mold, rot, and other damage if it’s allowed to enter your attic and the rest of your home through the roof.

Roof Inspections

A professional roof inspection performed regularly is paramount to ensuring that your roof lasts a long time. Inspections should especially be done after winter storms or trees have been downed. Hiring a trusted contractor to complete the inspection is vital, so make sure that you find an experienced roofer.

Keep Your Gutters and Roof Clean

Similar to roof inspections, roof and gutter cleaning are projects that you’ll want to perform regularly. Trimming branches that are dangerously close to your home is part of keeping your roof and gutters clean. Branches, dirt, and other debris can speed up the deterioration of your roof, and winter weather only exacerbates the problem.

Preserve Your Investment

Whether your roof was installed ten days ago or ten years ago, you’ll still want to protect the investment that you made. Staying on top of minor issues and performing routine maintenance is key to keeping your roof intact. It’s essential to communicate with your roof installer to learn how to perform maintenance for the specific type of roof that you have. Regular maintenance on your roof will also keep your roof’s warranty valid, and save you even more money.

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