EPDM Roofing in Manchester

Choosing the right roofing material will significantly affect energy efficiency and your building's ability to stand up to harsh weather conditions including prolonged exposure to UV rays, as well as heavy rain, hail or snow. EPDM roofing systems are low-maintenance, cost-effective, and a great long-term investment for property owners. When you want to make the switch to EPDM roofing, you should get in touch with the area's top company: Derek Cook's Roofing Specialists, INC..

Our team of professional roofers installs, maintains, and repairs EPDM roofing systems ideal for commercial and industrial locations in Manchester. We work with a keen eye for detail and conduct thorough inspections before and after our contracting to provide the best service possible. Let us offer a vast range of roofing services and walk you through our EPDM options during a friendly consultation.

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What is EPDM?

An extremely durable roofing system, EPDM is a single-ply roofing system made up of a synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is increasingly popular for use in low-slope buildings. Comprised of two main ingredients, ethylene and propylene, and diene monomer that is synthesized with carbon black and processing oils and stabilizers to create an extremely durable rubber flat roof. Of the many upsides to EPDM roofs,they offer exceptional performance and can be optimized through regular maintenance and inspections.

When you invest in an EPDM roofing system you receive customizable design options and materials with widths ranging from 10 to 50 feet. Your new roof will be measured, cut, and installed according to the exact dimensions of your property, and you can rest assured that our talented team will deliver satisfying results.

EPDM Roofing Installation

We offer EPDM roofing in several membrane types and tailor our services to your goals. As a lightweight, low-maintenance material, EPDM roofing involves a straightforward installation process that's selected and modified to fit your building.

Our installation options include three methods:

Fully Adhered EPDM Installation - Liquid adhesive is applied to the underside of the membrane and installed to the existing substrate providing exceptional resistance to wind and hail damage.

Ballasted EPDM Installation - The EPDM membrane is ballasted with gravel and is often used for large retail or commercial warehouse locations in Manchester.

Mechanically Fastened EPDM Installation - The flexible rubber membrane is attached through insulation to the substrate with a mechanical fastener.

A technologically advanced and modern roofing option, EPDM systems provide long lasting performance and exceptional value. When correctly installed and maintained by certified roofing professionals, you can expect to get decades of quality service from your roof. Our team offers installations on various roofing surfaces and provides regular follow-ups and maintenance to optimize your roof's performance. We also include industry-tested protective coating applications to help maximize your system's longevity.

EPDM Repair and Maintenance

One of the most cost-effective and appealing features of an EPDM roofing system is its high resistance to decay and damage and as a result, its exceptionally trouble-free maintenance and repair. Regular cleaning to remove debris leaves and dust and dirt can be carried out by brushing and sweeping the surface and washing with a mild non-abrasive detergent. Derek Cook's Roofing Specialists, INC. provides licensed inspections of EPDM roofing and through cleaning for any EPDM system in Manchester using mild soap and water.

EPDM Durability

Unlike some roofing materials that become brittle and susceptible to cracking with exposure to extreme weather, EPDM roofing systems offer exceptional durability. Regardless of your home's location or vulnerability to weather, you can expect your new EPDM roof to provide you with superior protection for years to come.

Recognized and recommended within the industry as the preferred and superior roofing material for commercial locations in Manchester, EPDM will not shatter or crack in extremely cold temperatures and maintain its flexibility even under severe thermal shock and when temperatures fluctuate dramatically.

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