EPDM Roofing in Raymond

The leading choice for commercial flat roofs, EPDM is a superior roofing system made up of a single-ply rubber flat roof that provides superior protection and long-lasting performance. Derek Cook's Roofing Specialists, INC. is Raymond’s go-to destination for all the rubber roofing solutions to ensure your commercial facility remains watertight over the long term.

We’re here to help you optimize new roof installation, repairs, and maintenance with cost-effective and code-compliant roofer services that stand the test of time. Call us at (603) 365-7156 to learn more about our EPDM roofing services.

Explore the Benefits of Our EPDM Roofing Solutions

EPDM Roofing: We Have You Covered

Opting for an EPDM roof is an investment that will pay dividends in the long run. Few roofing materials offer the same durable, low-maintenance options as flat rubber roofs, and we’re pleased to be the professionals who specialize in their installation, inspection, and repair. Our EPDM systems come with labor and manufacturing warranties, keeping you safe against the elements and potential harm.

When you work with us, you can rest assured your new roof will provide superior resistance to hail, high winds, and moisture problems with a lifespan of up to 50 years.

EPDM Roofing Installation

When it comes to EPDM roofing, not just any roofing contractor will do. Only an experienced and certified roofing professional can efficiently handle an EPDM installation. Our licensed and skilled roofing technicians in Raymond have extensive experience with EPDM roofing material and install it according to the specific structural characteristics and environmental conditions of your location.

Unlike shingle roofing—which can be prone to moisture buildup and susceptible to the elements—EPDM roofing offers the best protection for commercial and industrial needs. Consult with Derek Cook's Roofing Specialists, INC.’s roofing experts for quality roofing solutions and options and to learn more about the benefits of the most cost-effective, modern roofing option.

EPDM Maintenance

Other roofing systems typically decay and rot over time due to exposure to UV rays and other weather conditions. The EPDM single-ply roofing membrane provides superior flexibility even under extreme temperature fluctuations and maintains its integrity for an exceptionally long period of time compared to other roofing materials. Derek Cook's Roofing Specialists, INC. provides extra protection with acrylic coatings specially formulated for EPDM roofing systems in Raymond.

To ensure your roof is safe, our licensed technicians conduct thorough inspections and work diligently to guarantee that no part is overlooked.

When you hire our team, you gain access to the following services:

  • New roof installation
  • EPDM maintenance
  • Roof repair
  • Deep roof cleaning
  • Roof safety inspections
  • …and more!

EPDM: Sustainable Roofing Systems

Save money on annual heating and cooling costs with an EPDM system installed by Derek Cook's Roofing Specialists, INC. roofing specialists. Designed to absorb heat during colder months and keep heat from escaping, EPDM roofing systems are made from recyclable materials that can be eventually reincorporated into other materials, reducing impacts on landfills in the Raymond region.

In addition to the energy efficiency of EPDM roofs, they also have a lower environmental impact throughout the manufacturing and installation process. The primers and adhesives used with EPDM membrane installation were created to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions during installation. Investing in a new system from our team is also an investment in sustainable housing practices.

For more information about cost-effective rubber flat roof installation for your commercial or industrial location in Raymond, contact a Derek Cook's Roofing Specialists, INC. roofing expert for a free EPDM system estimate today.