Gutters seem so simple, and they are easy to overlook. Until you are caught outside in the rain and get a large splash of water from an overflow due to a clog, you may not even remember that they need cleaned if you have not created a schedule or are not used to performing that task.

However, your gutters are essential to your home. Your gutters protect your home, landscaping, and foundation from water damage. Any deficiency, or lack of upkeep, can result in costly problems such as:

1. Leaks:

Did you know that gutters, filled with build-up, can trap water and send it onto your roof? If this happens, especially if your roof is older, it can result in leaks inside your home. Then, those leaks need to be repaired as well as the ceiling or walls inside your home. It is much better (and cheaper) to take care of the gutters before the damage gets out of hand.

2. Rot:

Sometimes those leaks are not immediately noticeable because they are draining inside a wall, for example. Prolonged water exposure to certain beams or rafters in your home can result in overall structural problems due to wood rot. Structural problems are some of the most expensive home repairs possible. It is amazing that many of these issues can be prevented by the simple task of maintaining your gutter system.

3. Ice damming:

Another problem that can result from a poor gutter system is ice damming. This is when ice builds up in the gutters and onto the roof. Not only does this keep your roof moist for a long period of time, but it also adds extra weight that the roof must bear. While the gutter system is not the sole cause of ice damming, it is an important aspect and keeping the gutters well-maintained is a great preventative measure.

Whether you need a repair or two to your current gutters, an entirely new gutter system, or you are interested in gutter protection to help keep your gutters free from debris, an expert can help. An expert will also be able to give you an inspection of your current system, and help point out any other issues you may have missed. If the gutter expert does note a few problems, it may be in your best interest to have a roofer inspect your roof as well.