We should all do what we can to reduce our environmental footprint, and thinking about the materials we use to build and upgrade our homes is a great starting point. The roofing industry is at the center of sustainable building, and a myriad of materials and options are available, from innovative roofing technologies to recycled materials and eco-conscious strategizing.

As a roofing company, Derek Cook's Roofing Specialists, INC. is excited to work with clients who care about roofing sustainability and will be pleased to introduce you to the best options on the market.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why sustainable roofing is important, why recycled materials can be a great option, what sustainable roofing technologies are available, and how to implement environmentally sensitive practices when it comes to roof repair and maintenance.

Understanding the Importance of Sustainable Roofing

If you’ve made it to this blog, odds are you’re already interested in learning about sustainable roofing. Let’s break down why having a sustainable mindset is so important—not just to the planet but to your property, too!

Energy Efficiency

The number one benefit of environmental roofing is energy efficiency. Certain roofing materials and design techniques can help you insulate your home or business property, keeping your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter and significantly reducing your energy consumption on heating and air conditioning. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also save you hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling bills every year.


Durability is another important factor when it comes to sustainability. Investing in high-quality roofing materials means they’ll last longer, withstand harsh weather conditions, and require fewer repairs. In turn, you’ll spend less money on repairs and replacements and reduce waste and the disposal of materials.

Long-Term Value Over Cheap Fixes

We understand that finances play a big role in customers' decisions, and we know that finding cheap and easy options is sometimes tempting. Unfortunately, however, opting for cheaper, low-quality materials or cheaper, less reliable practices in your roofing installation will only lead to the need for more frequent repairs and possibly premature replacement. This will only cost you more money in the long run and negatively impact the environment.

Eco-Roofing Materials

It’s not lost on us that the home-building and renovation industry can involve a lot of waste production—which is why we’re excited that the roofing industry has so much to offer when it comes to green roofing options. Below, we’ll explore recycled materials as well as innovative environmentally-friendly roofing materials.

Recycled Materials

Investing in a recycled roof is a real option for significant sustainability. Roofs that make use of existing materials work to save energy and materials in the production process, as well as reduce landfills.

Some reliable recycled roofing options include:

  • Recycled shingles
  • Sustainably sourced wood shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Clay tiles made from natural materials create no toxic residue during production

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are built in lighter colors to naturally reflect the heat and keep your home or business space cool. This approach reduces energy consumption and cuts down on heating and cooling costs, too.

Green Roofs

Green roofs are another interesting option. This design features living plants on your rooftop. Similarly to cool roofs, the greenery provides a natural cooling effect for your property while adding oxygen to the air. Green roofs do require a bit more maintenance, though, so be sure to chat with your roofer and get more details before investing in this option.

Roof Overhangs

In another win for energy reduction, roof overhangs create more shade in key locations, resulting in a passive cooling effect for your property.

Solar Panels

Perhaps the most involved but also the most innovative change you can make to your roof for the sake of the environment is to install solar panels. Solar panels allow you to collect energy from the sun and power various systems in your home, from your washer and dryer to your lights and other electrical systems.

The solar industry is growing significantly, and you can rest assured that materials, repairs, and maintenance services will only become more readily available as time goes on. In some cases, depending on your number of solar panels and your energy requirements, you can generate more energy than you need and sell it back to the grid, offering financial and eco-friendly energy benefits.

Maintain and Repair Before You Replace

When it comes to your overall roofing strategy, our team always recommends that our clients maintain and repair their roofs before they choose to replace them, especially in the name of sustainability. While it can be tempting to rip up an old roof and start from scratch, you can’t ignore the waste associated with making this decision. Often, your roof may just need a simple patch or other repair that will allow it to last for five or even ten more years.

Having your roof inspected and regularly maintained is also an excellent way to reduce your footprint. A roofing professional will be able to help you create a maintenance plan so you can make your existing roof work for you for as long as possible.

When the time does inevitably come to replace your roof, you have some great options, including the ones we discussed above.

Work With a Roofing Company That Cares About the Environment

As a roofing company, we know the incredible opportunity we have to help property owners make smarter, greener, financially beneficial choices when it comes to the environment. Our team is always doing research and learning about more sustainable options so we can introduce you to new products and install them on your home or business properties.

If sustainability is important to you, let our team know. Derek Cook's Roofing Specialists, INC. always has time for a conversation about eco-friendly roofing, and we look forward to helping you determine a great strategy for your unique property.

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