Think about it; you probably spend most of your time in rooms in your home that are well lit. Bright rooms are more pleasant to be in and are even show to make people more productive, but artificial lights don’t quite do the trick.

When people think of skylights, they typically think of luxury and modern homes, but they’ve become a lot more mainstream recently. Skylights do more than adding some style and modern flair to your home. They do a great job of adding new light to your home. They can also make rooms more comfortable by adding a place for ventilation and fresh air to get in and out. Especially modern skylights, like Velux, which work better and look better than old bubble-style skylight windows.

Add Natural Light

Everyone loves skylights for their ability to add natural light to a home. When your home is well-lit it feels like a much more comfortable place to live. Less reliance on natural lighting (which people hate) is always a plus, it’ll also save you some money on utilities. Generally, people spend less time in darker parts of their home, adding a skylight could unlock spaces in your home that you aren’t currently taking advantage of. Skylights add light without impacting your privacy like regular wall windows can.

Health & Safety Benefits

Sunlight and fresh air are essential for human beings to function and be at their best. Natural light has been proven to improve mood and overall well-being. Those of us in New England know this all too well. You may have heard of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which affects people with less energy and depression when they aren’t exposed to the sun. The best way to counter SAD is natural sunlight of course, skylights can let more light in during the limited daylight hours in the winter.

Skylights Increase Energy Efficiency

Skylights help increase energy efficiency by eliminating heat transfer and make the most of passive heat from the sun throughout daytime hours. You’ll still need artificial lighting in your home, but the added natural light can reduce your need for costly lighting fixtures. New skylights are even more energy-efficient than skylights of the past. VELUX skylights are about 35% more efficient than plastic bubble skylights.

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